Thanks for the Music: Online Playlists

All music in online classes is used with permission.
You can buy it for yourself and dance in your own time at home. Most is available from Raven Recording. You can find links for purchase given at bottom of the page.
Texts read in class can be found here: Poems &c.

Sunday May 24th.

World Of Love. Sally Block.
Dissolve.   Gabrielle Roth (Bardo).
Ram.   Gabrielle Roth (Tongues).
(Wild Geese.   Mary Oliver.)
Calling Your Soul In.   Stella Davies.
River Town.   David Juriansz.
Dance Of Bad Angels.   Tim Booth (Booth & The Bad Angel).
Bush Beat.   Gabrielle Roth (Trance).
Chatter.   Gabrielle Roth (Tongues).
Mother Of All.   David Juriansz.
Rising. Tim Booth (Booth & The Bad Angel).
Earth Chant.   Almqvist & Barley.
We’re Going To Miss You.   James (Millionaires).
Alive!   Colin Harrison.
Bubbles.   James (Hey Ma).
Dancing Path Lyrical.   Gabrielle Roth (Initiation).

SUNDAY May 17th.

Tranceparent (RJ edit).   Almqvist & Barley.
Why Wait For Anything (RJ edit).   Colin Harrison.
Hands In The Rain. Tim Booth (Booth & The Bad Angel).
Piano Raga (RJ edit).   John McDowell.
Ma Na Hoi.   Susannah Darling-Kahn (Wild Prayer).
Bone.   Tim Booth (Bone).
Massive Stonker (RJ edit).   Almqvist & Barley.
When Shiva Met Kali (RJ edit). Almqvist & Barley.
Spirals.   Rachel Kurtz & Keith Mills.
In The Butterfly Garden.   Marc Lendfers.
Birth Emergence.   Melissa Michaels.
Homecoming. Susannah Darling-Kahn (Still Waves).
Re-Reveal.   David Juriansz.   (+ text by Isaac Penington 1661)

SUNDAY May 10th.

Vigil.   Susannah Darling-Kahn  (Still Waves).
Gathering Birds.   Barbara Theiss & Rejoyce.
Ritual.   Gabrielle Roth (Totem).
Mother.   Rachel Kurtz & Keith Mills. (reprised in Stillness)
Shiva’s Garden.   Almqvist & Barley.
Viktor On The Rocks.   Fools In Love.
Kadoish God The Father.   Susannah Darling-Kahn (Party For God).
Tribe Chaos.   Gabrielle Roth (Tribe).
Shimmering.   Susannah Darling-Kahn (Wild Prayer).
Where Will I Go.   Haj i Ji
The Mystery.   Sally Block.
Nothing Remains.   Colin Harrison.

SUNDAY May 3rd.

Surrender.   Gabrielle Roth (Waves).
Tongues.   Gabrielle Roth (Tongues).
Oceana.   Gabrielle Roth (Ritual).
Feel It.   Colin Harrison.
Travels (part).   Marc Lendfers.
+ Untitled Poem (for Timotha) by Robert Kelly.
Red Wind.   Gabrielle Roth (Totem).
Ritual.   Gabrielle Roth (Totem).
Owl Dream.   John McDowell.
Waves II Staccato.   Gabrielle Roth (Endless Waves).
Maybe We should Stand Back.   John McDowell.
Shakeability.   Almqvist & Barley.
Josh Polak & Friends recorded by Ty Ford.
Down By The Breaker Shore.   Haj i Ji.
Word Free Dance Intro Nothing. Susannah Darling-Kahn (Party For God).
All What Is Left.   Marc Lendfers.

SUNDAY April 26th.

Shekinah God The Mother. Susannah Darling-Kahn (Party For God).
Psalm.   Gabrielle Roth (Tongues).
Skinny Lights/Beats remix.   Gabrielle Roth (Raven The Rmx).
Ecstasy.   Gabrielle Roth (Waves).
Valour.   Susannah Darling-Kahn (Still Waves).
Stone Circle.   Gabrielle Roth (Ritual).
Night Flight.   Haj i Ji
Straight Ahead.   Fools In Love.
Road Rock-It.   Gabrielle Roth (Jhoom).
Buffalo Dream.   Gabrielle Roth (Zone Unknown).
In The Mood.   Fools In Love.
So Easy With You.   Rick Anthony Jerram.
Toumani.   Almqvist & Barley.
First Light.   Susannah Darling-Kahn (Still Waves).
Meditation.   Almqvist & Barley.

SUNDAY April 19th.

Father.   Melissa Michaels.
Dance Into Nothing. Susannah Darling-Kahn (Party For God).
Spirit.   Gabrielle Roth (Waves).
Wombing.   Melissa Michaels.
The Sea.   Susannah Darling-Kahn (Wild Prayer).
Travels.   Marc Lendfers
Red Wind.   Gabrielle Roth (Totem).
Faded To Blue.   Rick Anthony Jerram.
Grounding.   Avital Califa.
Feet Don’t Listen.   Rachel Kurtz & Keith Mills.
Jhoom.   Gabrielle Roth (Jhoom).
Fallen.   Stella Davies.
Vanya Don’t Go Away.   John McDowell.
Into The Clouds.   Fools In Love.
The Space Between Us. Susannah Darling-Kahn (Party For God).

SUNDAY April 12th.

Inside Out.   Avital Califa.
Breath of Intimacy.   Melissa Michaels.
Saba Minea Ba.   John McDowell.
Oma Wani Yea.   John McDowell.
Totem.   Gabrielle Roth (Totem).
Persephone’s Song remix.   Gabrielle Roth (Raven The Rmx).
Endless Waves II Chaos.   Gabrielle Roth.
Dun Grabow.   John McDowell.
Slowville.   Rick Anthony Jerram.
Rest Your Tears Here.   Gabrielle Roth (Tongues).
Compassion.   Melissa Michaels.

SUNDAY April 5th.

From Head To Toes.   Barbara Theiss & Rejoyce.
Beneath The Sea.   Haj i Ji.
Soft River.   Fools In Love.
Seducing Hades.   Gabrielle Roth (Luna).
Shakin’ Shiva.   Almqvist & Barley.
Up From The Depths.   David Juriansz.
Thuma Mina.   Susannah Darling-Kahn (Wild Prayer).
Twilight.   Susannah Darling-Kahn (Still Waves).

SUNDAY March 22nd.

Dolphin.   Gabrielle Roth (Bones).
Raven. Gabrielle Roth (Bones).
Snake. Gabrielle Roth (Bones).
Sometimes You Fall.   Rick Anthony Jerram.
Dancing Path Stillness.   Gabrielle Roth (Initiation).

Links to Music SOURCES

RAVEN RECORDING: for music by:  Gabrielle Roth & The Mirrors (20 albums):  Barbara Theiss & Rejoyce:  Haj i Ji:  Peter Almqvist & Adam Barley (2 albums):  David Juriansz & Terrafunka:  Avital Califa:  Marc Lendfers:  John McDowell:  Visudha de los Santos: Sally Block, and others.

School of Movement Medicine Shop: Susannah Darling-Kahn & Be-Attitude: “Party For God”; “Wild Prayer”, and “Still Waves”.

Golden Bridge: Melissa Michaels and the Golden Bridge Rhythm Keepers: “Ignite”.
(Melissa Michaels has taught in Boulder Colorado for a very long time.)

Available from OstWestCentrum, Belgium: Fools In Love: “Passion Wave”: and Colin Harrison: “Feel It”.

Available at (and doubtless elsewhere): Tim Booth (Booth & Bad Angel, ‘Bone’, ‘Love Life’ &c) and music by James (too many to mention).

Available at Keith Mills/Rachel Kurtz: “Tales From The Shed”.

Possibly available from or else Amazon: Stella Davies: “The Love You Are”.

Works in Progress: Rick Anthony Jerram: “At The Mayflower Motel”: “A Church of Broken Pieces”.