Gabrielle Roth & the Teachers

Who was Gabrielle Roth?

I’ll have more to say here, but meanwhile you could read this: Gabrielle Roth 1942 – 2012

Who are the teachers?

5Rhythms® teachers come in all shapes & sizes (Richard himself is tall, thin and over 60). All have years of experience dancing the 5Rhythms, and all have danced way deeper than the level they may be licensed to teach. The prerequisites for applying to train as a teacher ensure that all teachers have hundreds of hours of dance experience: they ‘have been there’.

There are several hundred certified 5Rhythms teachers world-wide (but none in Antarctica; sorry if you planned to go there). www, gives some idea of the range of teachers and locations. Others can be found on the International Movement Teachers IMTA site. Many more can be best found by googling “5Rhythms” and places near you. Teachers that Richard has danced closely with are linked to here.