More Mid-Atlantic 5Rhythms

(NOTE that this page is updated very infrequently!)

There are increasing opportunities to dance in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Major centers for WORKSHOPS are Philadelphia, Charlottesville & New York City.
At the other end of the scale there are now Sweat Spaceholders who are licensed to bring the work to areas without a teacher.


Mid-Atlantic Classes and Workshops happen regularly in Charlottesville VA, the DC metro area, the Philadelphia area and in New York City.

The map and links below are indicative only. Nor are they in any way up-to-date.

Regional 5Rhythms

See Mid-Atlantic Teacher Community and North-East Teacher Community


Further afield, there are workshops and 10 Classes a week in New York City itself and others nearby in Jersey and on Long Island etc as well as in the rest of New England. See .


See separate page here for hundreds of classes and workshops all over the world

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