Levels of the Work

The Body: “WAVES”.

All levels are based on this physical practice of the 5Rhythms, -on dancing, -on actually moving. This is the level you meet in a class. There are countless different workshops based on this level of the work, and we return to it again and again.

All 5Rhythms teachers are licensed to teach this level.

The Heart: “HEARTBEAT”.

As we dance, feelings come up. Often they can stop us moving, or the fear of feeling stops us. In Heartbeat work we deliberately practice moving through emotional fields. It takes some time to access this level so most workshops last a weekend.

There are many Heartbeat teachers around the world. Richard is one of them.

To find a Heartbeat workshop, try here (though this is not a full list of Heartbeat teachers).


Only a few teachers are licensed to teach the deeper levels below, but all teachers have danced Cycles and Mirrors (probably more than once), -and most have taken God Sex & The Body and The Silver Desert too:-

The Life Cycle: “CYCLES”. Dancing our personal history in order to own it, embody it, and let it go.

The Mind: “MIRRORS”. Embodying, challenging, and moving beyond our ego patterns: can I see another, and can I allow myself to be seen, when I am under pressure? Can I dance -ie can I be fluid in my responses- when I am sitting on a sofa with you?

Sexuality: “GOD, SEX & THE BODY”: Embracing and embodying our sexuality.

Spirit: “THE SILVER DESERT”: Finding the stillness within.

For more on this, see: 5Rhythms Global