Who is this for?

1. Who is this about? Who dances the 5Rhythms?

Most importantly it is about You. It is for You.

This practice is about you and your experience:- your body, your heart, your mind, your soul, and, above all, your movement.

This is for anyone who seeks an authentic ecstasy in which we go beyond ourselves by going in and through ourselves. 5Rhythms Dance has evolved over the past 40 years and has hundreds of teachers world-wide, trained by the discoverer and founder Gabrielle Roth. It is a PRACTICE in which the benefits accrue over time.

A huge range of people all over the world dance the 5Rhythms® on a regular basis:- young, middle-aged, old; adults & children; the rich and famous; women in prison, folks in wheelchairs, disadvantaged kids in New Haven, orphans in Cambodia; and hundreds of extraordinary ordinary people -all united by the wish to bring more movement and wholeness into their lives, -on the dance-floor and out in the world.

One example: Jennifer Littel began dancing the 5Rhythms in my little South Jersey class. Her blog Flowtation Devices often references 5Rhythms dance experience, from a feeling-full, intelligent, (and unofficial) viewpoint.