Dance At Home


The benefits of practice accrue over time and they increase not only with depth of practice (classes/workshops) but also with connection to our daily lives.

You can dance alone, you can dance to music with fellow enthusiasts, and you can do without music and dance in silence. I myself have done all of these but, before encouraging you to dance at home, I need to say that after 19 years of practice I still go to dance with other teachers (Back in London, I did so twice a week). 

The presence of a teacher really helps me focus. And, as importantly, the teaching always opens new doors for me: it stretches me –the reason I dance in the first place. Knowing that a teacher has hundreds of hours of dance experience (and to a far deeper level than he or she is teaching) gives me the confidence to relax, learn and grow. 


If you are looking at this page you very unlikely to be at a class. You are probably at home. So:- Why not dance right now? Put on some music -anything you like- and just dance!


You can make it a daily (or occasional) practice to dance at home. If you have an idea of what the Rhythms are about, why not dance a Wave at home? You may need to do some experimenting but, for letting go into the 5Rhythms, I recommend setting up a wave in advance (impossible in the 90s but so easy now with iTunes playlists etc) so that you don’t distract yourself with choosing the next track (fun though that is).

Music for 5Rhythms

1/2 hour Waves that Claire & I dance to at home


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