Home Waves

For a number of years I made it a practice to dance at home each day.
It didn’t always work out that way, but I found that life went better when I danced.

I had to ease up on that due to a hernia & hernia repair surgery. During lockdown, we danced at home more often -in my own and others’ Online Classes.

Below are some of the playlists that Claire & I danced to at home. Each “Silent Gap” separates one Wave from the next. The genres are of course approximate.

You can check out most music on YouTube (where you’ll get the whole song) & then buy on iTunes or Amazon or wherever.

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1 thought on “Home Waves

  1. Dear Richard I want to take your on line classes. I have been dancing on Tuesday nights with Amber and with Michael Molin Skelton on Sundays and Jonathan in Fridays… Saw you with Mati one morning.
    This is all so fantastic and amazing with the internet. I do miss the in person and would love to drive to Maryland for your class.
    I have often come to Charlottsville.
    I remember you and Claire in Decatur GA dancing with Amber Ryan.
    You and I were in Gabrielle’s month long in Sausolito CA in 1999?
    On the Road.
    I have recently been discovering the work of the artist Luke Jerram and wondered if you knew him or are related.
    I am in Louisville Kentucky and my regular class has stopped because of COVID.
    Kentucky is Green green and abundantly green!
    Connecting and dancing in this wave of breath embodied life!, 🌹
    All the best to you Claire and your family,
    Rebecca Henderson

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