Why practice?

If I Can’t Get It Wrong, Why Practice? – How Do I Improve?

One answer to this is that we improve by becoming more ourselves. When we first come we bring mainly our potential. Our movement may well be limited and is unlikely to be connected to our whole being. We may take to some Rhythms but find others difficult. Our dance may be constrained by our beliefs (‘I can’t dance’ or ‘I need to learn steps‘ or ‘dance is for picking people up’) or it may be constrained by our previous dance experience. For instance someone trained in Ballet may move in a superficially Lyrical way, while many in the West are attuned to the beat in music and may find Staccato superficially easier to get into than Flowing -but in each case this may not necessarily be connected to their deeper self.

Over time, our dance becomes more full (engaging more of the body and at home in more Rhythms), more spirited (breath-full and connected to feeling), more engaged (more interested & interesting to ourselves and others) and, therefore, more individual.

Is that all? -No: our lives change too.

It takes practice, but we have a lot of fun on the way.

Deeper levels of the work (The Emotions, The Life Cycle, The Ego) are all founded on the physical practice of moving through The Wave of the 5Rhythms. Without that embodied practice, it’s all head stuff (yawn).