Music for 5Rhythms

Pretty well any piece of music will fit into the 5Rhythms somewhere, but of course some pieces fit a lot better than others.

For Flowing, it can be helpful to have breath-filled long notes as well a beat or pulse to keep you moving -but you don’t want a beat that you’re going to fall into left-right-left-right. You want that for Staccato. For Chaos, it’s helpful to have a faster pulse or vibration going on. Most of the world’s music is Lyrical. Stillness music is not necessarily ambient: you shouldn’t be falling asleep!

You can see Playlists that I dance to at home under Home Waves.

Much music has been created especially for the practice, particularly by Gabrielle Roth who worked with a shifting group of musicians, The Mirrors, for a couple of decades. All of their music is available online at

I must have used all of her music at one time or another, but these must be my favorites from Gabrielle Roth & The Mirrors:

Initiation: Body Parts & Wave
Bones: Body Parts & Wave.
Endless Waves I & II (2 Waves, 1st is talked through by Gabrielle)
Refuge – mainly Flowing, deep Tibetan Chants by Boris Grebenchikov
More upbeat CDs include Tribe,  Zone Unknown  &  Jhoom.


Available from  (Not necessarily a full list)

By Barbara Theiss & Rejoyce:
Roots & Wings (Jazzy)

By Adam Barley and Peter Almqvist:
One Tribe: A Trance Journey through the 5Rhythms.  (Upbeat)
Shiva’s Rhythm

From Other Sources

You can google the titles below. You can certainly get them from the East-West Center in Belgium

By Susannah Darling-Khan & Be-Attitude:
Party For God
Wild Prayer
Still Waves – A favorite of mine!
(Susannah & Ya’Acov D-K now teach Movement Medicine in the UK, but these were created when they were 5Rhythms teachers)

By Fools In Love:
Passion Wave

By Colin Harrison (partner of a 5R teacher):
Feel It (Note the tracks merge together)

Also you can look for:
Tales From The Shed Vol 1 by Rachel Kurtz & her partner Keith Mills.
It’s not all 5Rhythms but there are one or two tracks. . . .

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