Music for 5Rhythms

Finding music to support your practice at home.

Pretty well any piece of music will fit into the 5Rhythms somewhere, but of course some pieces fit a lot better than others.

For Flowing, it can be helpful to have breath-filled long notes as well a beat or pulse to keep you moving -but you don’t want a beat that you’re going to fall into left-right-left-right. You want that for Staccato. For Chaos, it’s helpful to have a faster pulse or vibration going on. Most of the world’s music is Lyrical. Stillness music is not necessarily ambient: you shouldn’t be falling asleep!

You can see Playlists that I dance to at home under Home Waves.
Music played in my Online Classes (with purchase links) is at Online Playlists.

Much music has been created especially for the practice, particularly by Gabrielle Roth who worked with a shifting group of musicians, The Mirrors, for a couple of decades. All of their music is available online at

I must have used all of her music at one time or another, but these must be my favorites from Gabrielle Roth & The Mirrors:

Initiation: Body Parts & Wave
Bones: Body Parts & Wave.
Endless Waves I & II (2 Waves, 1st is talked through by Gabrielle)
Refuge – mainly Flowing, deep Tibetan Chants by Boris Grebenchikov
More upbeat CDs include Tribe,  Zone Unknown  &  Jhoom.


Available from  (Not necessarily a full list)

By Barbara Theiss & Rejoyce:
Roots & Wings (Jazzy)

By Adam Barley and Peter Almqvist:
One Tribe: A Trance Journey through the 5Rhythms.  (Upbeat)
Shiva’s Rhythm

From Other Sources

You can google the titles below. You can certainly get them from the East-West Center in Belgium

By Susannah Darling-Khan & Be-Attitude:
Party For God
Wild Prayer
Still Waves – A favorite of mine!
(Susannah & Ya’Acov D-K now teach Movement Medicine in the UK, but these were created when they were 5Rhythms teachers)

By Fools In Love:
Passion Wave

By Colin Harrison (partner of a 5R teacher):
Feel It (Note the tracks merge together)

Also you can look for:
Tales From The Shed Vol 1 by Rachel Kurtz & her partner Keith Mills.
It’s not all 5Rhythms but there are one or two tracks. . . .

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