NOTE: You can now pay with WISE.

I am now teaching the Online Version of Sue Rickards’ Tuesday classes in London and I shall be teaching almost all of her Saturday classes as well this spring (2023).

(My own Online and In-Person Classes remain suspended indefinitely although I am exploring various options.)

Please click the relevant blue link below to access or register for the Zoom Meetings:

Tuesday Class Direct Link
Saturday Class Direct Link 

2 pm Eastern Time  (That’s 11 am in California, 7pm in UK) Tuesdays & Saturdays.
Length of class 1.5 hours approx. Doors open 1.55 pm EDT.

DONATIONS. Too many of us are in a bad way for Sue and I to require payment to register. But, if you can, please donate what you can via PayPal.Me. (As a guide, $15 would match the full rate of $20 for my 2hr class at Homewood). If Sue is teaching, please pay her. If it’s me, please pay me.

If paying for more than one class, WISE may give a better rate: Details will be in Zoom Chat. If you have a Wise account:

I have been dancing with Sue ever since I saw one of her A Call To Dance fliers in 1996. I have danced both in her open classes and in various sign-up groups (all of which I can recommend) and, when I lived in London, I often substituted for her.
As things opened up over the past year I have substituted whenever Sue has been able to teach in-person.

For more about Sue, see

NOTE: Check LATEST NEWS for Time changes in March.