World-Wide 5Rhythms

Since Gabrielle trained her first set of teachers in 1988, 5Rhythms Movement Meditation has spread so there are hundreds of classes and workshops all over the world, many in big cities (10 open classes a week in New York City and 15 a week in London), some in small towns, and some even in villages and on islands. The main reference point for 5Rhythms worldwide is 5Rhythms Global: Around half the teachers are listed and there is information on the levels of the work and the history, as well as teacher training etc.

However, many wonderful teachers are not on this website and it is always a good idea to google search for classes too. Some teachers are members of the ICMTA (International Conscious Movement Teachers Association). See Richard’s bio for links to some of his favorite teachers who may not be on 5Rhythms Global.

“Inspired By Gabrielle Roth.”

Over the years a number of teachers have separated from the 5Rhythms path and founded other practices: Soul Motion, Movement Medicine, and Open Floor. The founders of these practices all had deep experience of the 5Rhythms before moving away (Indeed the MM and OF founders formed most of Gabrielle’s training faculty when I myself trained to teach 5Rhythms). These practices are not 5Rhythms but they are practices that are based on deep experience of Gabrielle’s work and that have a depth of their own. That makes them distinct from classes you can find sometimes described as “inspired by Gabrielle Roth” that are likely to be be based more on enthusiasm for her work than on deep experience of it.

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