5Rhythms Online

All classes at Homewood Friends are canceled until further notice.

Free Online class at 3.00 pm Sunday March 22nd. 

As we are overtaken by a time of severe restraints it is all the more important to find what movement we can. I am naturally canceling my classes at Homewood until further notice, but I shall be holding a short 5Rhythms dance online at 3pm this Sunday March 22nd via Zoom.

NOTE: You must email Richard at richard5rhythms@gmail.com for the link. 

Having danced with other teachers on Zoom earlier this week, I can testify to the possibility of a moving and rewarding experience, so do come.

The event will be free but you will have to apply to join -by emailing me at richard5rhythms@gmail.com. After you do so you will receive a link to the Zoom meeting and further instructions and advice.

This is how I intend to hold it: At 3pm I shall expect you to start moving/grounding yourself on your own before we start zooming at 3.15 when we shall have a few minutes to introduce ourselves. After that all dancers will be muted while I play a wave and maybe give some guidance . During the dance we shall all be inter-visible (in ‘Gallery View’like the attached picture) -this is essential to the experience. The last 5 minutes of the 40 minute Zoom session will be for sharing.

There will be limitations. 1) My current Zoom account allows for max 40 minutes. If his short experimental offering is successful, I may invest in an account that allows longer offerings in the future. 2) Streaming music requires licenses I cannot afford so I shall be using only Gabrielle Roth’s music [blanket permission given to 5R Teachers] and maybe my own. I may get further permissions in the future. 3) As Zoom use has grown exponentially in the last week or two, there is always the chance that it may crash entirely! (In which case, put on some music and dance at home.)

Many other teachers are doing this in more sophisticated ways, but it has taken me many hours of work -mainly online- to get to this point. You can probably google their online classes or find them through 5Rhythms Global.

I hope very much to see you on as many dance floors as it takes on Sunday!

Richard JerramNote that you need to email richard5rhythms@gmail.com to get the Zoom link.

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