So Far -& Further

So far this online wave has washed us to a variety of places: from tactile exploration of our own rooms to a self-nurturing celebration of Mothers’ Day. On the way we passed through the embodiment of being open and closed and the experience of being pushed or pulled versus being supported or encouraged.

I am so glad that getting a good handle on the Zoom & Audio stuff (yes, it did take time) has allowed me to go deeper into the teaching of this practice and I expect to be teaching online for at least another month, every Sunday at 3pm East Coast time (8pm in UK, noon in California)

1 thought on “So Far -& Further

  1. Hope to join you on this Sunday May 24!

    Will write more soon.
    Such a connection perception triggered by Peter Fodera.
    Love Letters to a Raven Lorca’s play would have been opening this weekend at Cherry Lane and I was to be in that ensemble….
    The pandemic pause button gas been pushed ….
    Zooming into our tribal dancing for refuge.
    Yes in 2000 I was very aware of you on the side and dancing by the windows in a containment… So much diving in …. Profound organ dances which have led to amazing understanding travel curiosity healing and connection.
    Good thing that we have ” In any given person from the top of the head to the bottom of the feet there is a billion miles of unexplored wilderness. “… Gabrielle
    That is one of my lines in the play and also one of my favorite quotes.

    My daughter went to the first Waldorf School in Louisville. It was founded by Janey Norton Newton
    A great blessing to us all.
    I loved reading that you and Claire found each other in London on a 5rhythms floor!

    Hope to see you Sunday

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