2nd & 4th Sundays Confirmed

I’m happy to confirm that I’ll be teaching 2nd & 4th Sundays for the rest of the year. This month looked a bit difficult for a while, but we have now managed to work things out.

Yes, classes are still Online and I know people have different feelings about that. Speaking personally, I have relished being able to dance with my first teacher Sue Rickards twice a week for the past four months (instead of once every two years since I left the UK).

Details & Registration on my ONLINE CLASSES page.

3 pm EDT 2nd & 4th Sundays (That’s Noon in California, 8pm in UK).
Length of class 1.5 hours approx. Doors open around 2.50.

Note that 2nd Sunday classes have a different Zoom ID to 4th Sunday classes.

Using Video: Bear in mind that if I cannot see you (because your screen is off or you are off-screen), I cannot respond to you. Also, of course, just as on a ‘real’ dance floor, our energy -whether it be absorption, wildness, lethargy, distraction, passion- is an offering to others and to our communal self. So unless your living room is in real chaos (children creating mayhem etc), do be visible. Join with video as well as audio and be present with your fellow dancers. Place the camera where a good portion of your space is visible (including some floor if possible). However I recognize that having video off might possibly improve the audio.

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