Sundays Online continue

I recall a fellow teacher once speaking of ‘Staccato protecting Flow’. The work of getting a grip on Zoom &c has been just that and the story of my online classes is a sort of reverse wave, from Chaos, through Staccato control, to the present relaxing into something responsive and flowing. Many thanks to those who stayed for the whole ride!

So now we can breathe and be more fully together, taking what we need to take, and giving what we need to give.

Some of that giving may be to food banks or whatever, some may gifts of help, and some in the form of appreciation or gratitude. On that note, I am happy to record my gratitude to the many who have permitted me to stream their music: my playlists are on a new Online Playlists page with links to purchase.

And we continue to dance every Sunday 3pm EDT (Noon in California, 8pm in UK)

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