Together & Apart

Years ago I was walking in the woods in England -in Black Park, west of London- and I was regretting that was on my own, saying to myself “How I wish I had a companion to share this with.” A few steps further on the thought reframed itself as “Someone (that potential companion) is missing out and that’s sad, but I am here. I am here in these pine woods, here right now and it feels good.”

Apart as we are, we can still meet on the virtual dance floor. And yes, we are apart. I am not in your living room and you are not in mine, but the reason I share this practice (more often than I used to) is that it is an embodiment practice, helping each of us be more fully in our own rooms. Even as I write this I feel more connected to you and to myself – a connection that has nothing to do with whether you come to Sunday’s class or not. And if you do not, there are music resources listed on my Online Playlists page so you can dance by yourself.

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