Next Class this Sunday, July 19th!

(I am not confident of being able to teach when away from home)

After that I shall go back to teaching 2nd & 4th Sundays, as I used to do at Homewood. See ONLINE CLASSES page.

Note that 2nd Sunday classes have a different Zoom ID to 4th Sunday classes.

3 pm EDT 2nd & 4th Sundays (That’s Noon in California, 8pm in UK). 
Length of class 1.5 hours approx. Doors open 2.45.



From July 12th I shall go back to teaching twice a month, 2nd & 4th Sundays, as I used to do at Homewood. See ONLINE CLASSES page.

Note that 2nd Sunday classes have a different Zoom ID to 4th Sunday classes.

3 pm EDT 2nd & 4th Sundays (That’s Noon in California, 8pm in UK). 
Length of class 1.5 hours approx. Doors open 2.45.

ONCE AGAIN: No class on July 5th.


I shall be teaching on June 28th. But there will be no class on July 5th.

After that date, I am as yet uncertain of my plans. I myself have COPD, so I want to start in-person classes in a  teaching space larger than Homewood Friends Dining Room, -but the room(s) I had hoped for are not going to be available. I may continue on Zoom at longer intervals.

Looking further ahead, I certainly wish to teach on September 20th as that will be 20 years from my first 5Rhythms class (with the London Seniors).

Thanks for the music!

I’m going to say it again: Thanks for the music!

And, specifically, thanks
to Jonathan Horan and Robert Ansell for all music published by RAVEN RECORDING: -music by:  Gabrielle Roth & The Mirrors (20 albums):  Barbara Theiss & Rejoyce:  Haj i Ji:  Peter Almqvist & Adam Barley (2 albums):  David Juriansz & Terrafunka:  Avital Califa:  Marc Lendfers:  John McDowell:  Visudha de los Santos: Sally Block, and others.
to Susannah Darling-Kahn for “Party For God”, “Wild Prayer”, and “Still Waves”. All available from the School of Movement Medicine Shop.
to Melissa Michaels for “Ignite” by Melissa Michaels and the Golden Bridge Rhythm Keepers. Available from Golden Bridge.
to Tim Booth for his own and his band James’ music.**
to Geert Meuss for music by Fools In Love.*
to Colin Harrison for “Feel It’.*
to Keith Mills and Rachel Kurtz for “Tales From The Shed”.**
to Stella Davies for “The Love You Are”.**
and to Ty Ford for recording my own demo of At The Mayflower Motel and various other pieces.

*  Fools In Love and Colin Harrison available from OstWestCentrum, Belgium.
** Rest available from if you cannot find them elsewhere.

So Far -& Further

So far this online wave has washed us to a variety of places: from tactile exploration of our own rooms to a self-nurturing celebration of Mothers’ Day. On the way we passed through the embodiment of being open and closed and the experience of being pushed or pulled versus being supported or encouraged.

I am so glad that getting a good handle on the Zoom & Audio stuff (yes, it did take time) has allowed me to go deeper into the teaching of this practice and I expect to be teaching online for at least another month, every Sunday at 3pm East Coast time (8pm in UK, noon in California)

Ongoing Thanks

I feel a lot of gratitude at the moment.

I believe we are all maturing into this online process together and that we can deepen with each class and offer each other more.

I am very happy to have found a way to make the music a bit louder for those who don’t have powered speakers and I’m very grateful for Lauren Chapalee and Claire for helping me make it quiet enough that I can be heard!

Many thanks also to those who stuck with the various technical problems we had on our learning curve.

Many thanks as well to those who have been able to pay via the PayPal Me link

And, finally, I’ve renamed the Online Playlist page to “Thanks for the Music”.

Together & Apart

Years ago I was walking in the woods in England -in Black Park, west of London- and I was regretting that was on my own, saying to myself “How I wish I had a companion to share this with.” A few steps further on the thought reframed itself as “Someone (that potential companion) is missing out and that’s sad, but I am here. I am here in these pine woods, here right now and it feels good.”

Apart as we are, we can still meet on the virtual dance floor. And yes, we are apart. I am not in your living room and you are not in mine, but the reason I share this practice (more often than I used to) is that it is an embodiment practice, helping each of us be more fully in our own rooms. Even as I write this I feel more connected to you and to myself – a connection that has nothing to do with whether you come to Sunday’s class or not. And if you do not, there are music resources listed on my Online Playlists page so you can dance by yourself.

Sundays Online continue

I recall a fellow teacher once speaking of ‘Staccato protecting Flow’. The work of getting a grip on Zoom &c has been just that and the story of my online classes is a sort of reverse wave, from Chaos, through Staccato control, to the present relaxing into something responsive and flowing. Many thanks to those who stayed for the whole ride!

So now we can breathe and be more fully together, taking what we need to take, and giving what we need to give.

Some of that giving may be to food banks or whatever, some may gifts of help, and some in the form of appreciation or gratitude. On that note, I am happy to record my gratitude to the many who have permitted me to stream their music: my playlists are on a new Online Playlists page with links to purchase.

And we continue to dance every Sunday 3pm EDT (Noon in California, 8pm in UK)