Together & Apart

Years ago I was walking in the woods in England -in Black Park, west of London- and I was regretting that was on my own, saying to myself “How I wish I had a companion to share this with.” A few steps further on the thought reframed itself as “Someone (that potential companion) is missing out and that’s sad, but I am here. I am here in these pine woods, here right now and it feels good.”

Apart as we are, we can still meet on the virtual dance floor. And yes, we are apart. I am not in your living room and you are not in mine, but the reason I share this practice (more often than I used to) is that it is an embodiment practice, helping each of us be more fully in our own rooms. Even as I write this I feel more connected to you and to myself – a connection that has nothing to do with whether you come to Sunday’s class or not. And if you do not, there are music resources listed on my Online Playlists page so you can dance by yourself.

Sundays Online continue

I recall a fellow teacher once speaking of ‘Staccato protecting Flow’. The work of getting a grip on Zoom &c has been just that and the story of my online classes is a sort of reverse wave, from Chaos, through Staccato control, to the present relaxing into something responsive and flowing. Many thanks to those who stayed for the whole ride!

So now we can breathe and be more fully together, taking what we need to take, and giving what we need to give.

Some of that giving may be to food banks or whatever, some may gifts of help, and some in the form of appreciation or gratitude. On that note, I am happy to record my gratitude to the many who have permitted me to stream their music: my playlists are on a new Online Playlists page with links to purchase.

And we continue to dance every Sunday 3pm EDT (Noon in California, 8pm in UK)

5Rhythms Online Sunday April 5th

Welcome to our second Sunday Online class.

Yes, something is lost when we cannot be in the same room together, but those of us who have danced online have found unexpected rewards, -not the least being connection to dancers in distant places and from distant periods of life.

So come and join us at 3pm EDT            (Noon in California, 8pm in UK)

Length of class 1.25 hours approx (After we see how this one goes, we’ll have a better idea)

Please click the URL link below to Register for the Zoom Meeting. 

[Link now inactive]

Please consider donating via PayPal to In the present circumstances I am not requiring payment to register, but the setting up of these classes has involved a lot of work.

Once registered, you should receive a Confirmation email with some further instructions and a link to join the Zoom Meeting.  (If you do not receive confirmation, email me at

Once in the meeting you will receive a link to the Soundcloud Playlist (via the ‘Chat’ function)

For those new to the experience, please read the advice below.

Being in community: Unless your living room is in real chaos (children creating mayhem etc), do be visible. Join with video as well as audio and be present with your fellow dancers. Place the camera where a good portion of your space is visible (including some floor if possible).

For Dancing: Have water ready and minimize distractions (especially noise).Think of your living room as a dance studio. Clear as much space as you can to dance: Clear floor space including rugs or carpet that could slip and move anything your arms might hit. Get some fresh air and do some stretching before dance if you can.

Technical stuff: Close as many unwanted programs/notifications/phones etc as you can. Zoom works best on desktop or laptop. If you use on phone or pad you should download the app in advance (I’m told). If you have a second device, use it for the Soundcloud audio if you can connect it to speakers. Using two devices may improve the signal.

Our first online class

There were thirteen of us at our first online meeting, stretching from California, through West Virginia, to us here in Baltimore.

In spite of audio problems (sorted out now, I believe) it was a moving experience.

We have done more experimenting with Soundcloud since, and we are now ready to roll!